People will tell you good pizza is all about the Water.....

or "its all about the Tomatoes" 

or, no..."its all about the way they toss it...."

"no...the ovens....."

Good Pizza is all about the MOTHER!  the yeast!

Yeast is the driving force behind fermentation, the magical process that allows a dense mass of dough to become a well-risen loaf of Pizza dough. And yet yeast is nothing more than a single-celled fungus. How does it do it?

The essentials of any bread dough are flour, water, and of course yeast. As soon as these ingredients are stirred together, enzymes in the yeast and the flour cause large starch molecules to break down into simple sugars. The yeast metabolizes these simple sugars and exudes a liquid that releases carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol into existing air bubbles in the dough. 

Our yeast-mother is from Brooklyn, New York. Born in Park Slope specifically, just near

the Brooklyn Bridge We feed her daily and her complexity and taste only continue to get better over time.  

Here's "mom" after being born next to the

Brooklyn Bridge

Here's Mom near the Manhattan Bridge

Skipping Rocks With George

Mom on the Brooklyn Carosel Ride

Mom checking the competition

​After Moms works her Magic.....

"Mom"   - Our Yeast-Mother